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"Poetry is the love language

of the soul."  

Lauren Doriahna


I'm a poet, storyteller, event host, and teen mentor. My journey with poetry began in childhood. I would spend endless hours in the library with my parents. We would stroll through the aisles of books, and poetry books became one of my favorite genres. Poetry is a "work out" for our inner being. It flexes our wit, pulls our emotions and twists our perspectives.



Join me on Feb 20, 2021, from 12 PM-3:30 PM for the Lyrics 180 Virtual Poetry Class. Register on Eventbrite.

Lyrics 180 is a poetry workshop created and taught by Lauren Doriahna.

Attendees will be emailed a list of resources and writing exercises after the course. Merchandise will be available for sale at the conclusion of the class.