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Lauren Doriahna is a writer and a poet who fell in love with writing, at the age of eight. Lauren is originally from Detroit and relocated to Atlanta. She joined the magnet drama department, at the prestigious performing arts high school, Tri-Cities, which nurtured her writing and performing abilities. She received her Bachelors in English from Emory University. Lauren's writing style cannot be placed in any one genre. She performs social, comedic and love poetry as well. She is a regular performance poet on the affluent artist circuit in Atlanta, GA.  She has also performed in several states including: Chicago, IL, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Detroit, Seattle, California, Louisiana, Texas, and Red Hook, NY.  Her credits are as follows:


Opening Act

- Opened the Amazing Grace Dance Company annual Mother's Day show at the Center Stage venue in Atlanta, GA hosted by V-103 FM syndicated radio personality Larry Tinsley (2013) (2014) (2016)

TV Performances

-TV Pilot "The Poetry Lounge (2011),"  Produced by actor Tommy  Ford. Tommy Ford is best known for his role on the popular hit 90's show Martin Lawrence

-AIBTV Network  Television Show  "Poetry Show It Factor (2016)

-AIBTV Network Television Show "All Stars best of the Season, IT Factor"(May 2016)



-She has made ten appearances on Atlanta's globally syndicated radio station V-103's "Poetic Moments, hosted by long time on air personality, Joyce Littel."

-WRFG 89.3 FM guest (2014)

-Live Life in the Purple (May 2018)

-Numerous Online Blogtalk radio shows

Radio Producer and Radio Personality

-Radio Producer for WRFG Radio 89.3 FM Monthly poetry Segment every 4th Friday (Feb 2014- May 2016) booked guests, and co-host for the segment with DJ VicXL on the "Ridin Durty" Radio


Event Host 

- host of "4th Thursdays with Lauren Doriahna", Urban Grind Cafe( 2011-2016)

- host of Krust's poetry open mic night, at Krust Pizza Bar (2011)

-host at Backstage poetry open mic, at Backstage Lounge (2011)

- host of Poetic Fridays in Marietta, GA (2013)

-host of Paints and Brushes Art Show (2015) featuring concert photographer, Carol Grady


Award Nominations

-APEX Pyramid (APEX Museum is Atlanta's oldest black history museum) award nominee in the category of youth leadership

-Georgia Arts and Neosoul Awards (GANSPA) nominee for Best female poet of the year (2014) (2015)

-Atlanta's Hottest Awards nominee (2012-2014) in the category of Best Female Poet of the Year



 -"Unscene Shreveport" -Shreveport, Louisiana Artist Festival

-International Talijiah Wajiid Natural Hair Show (May 2013) (Oct 2014)

-Arts in the Heart of Augusta Georgia Festival (2018)


- Auburn University Domestic Violence Awareness Poetry Show (2014)

-Gordon College (2012-2013)


Charity Events

Produced and Hosted a "Medical Fundraiser Poetry Show" to raise funds for a cancer patient's colon procedure

Teens Igniting Change Association Poetry/ Artist Open Mics for teens ages 13-18 (2011-present)

Lift Up Atlanta 2014 and 2015


Created a nonprofit Teens Igniting Change Association (TICA) for teens ages 13-18 for the artistic and educational development of teenagers



appeared as an actor in the indie film "Pathways of Life" 

IMDB Credit found here: 


Other Feature Performances at Open Mics

Lauren has featured at over 50 +venues since 2010 as the featured poet at various open mics. 

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